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Affordable Meat Alternatives

Vegan food often gets a bad rap for being more expensive that their non-vegan alternatives and for being overly processed and having many unpronounceable ingredients. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled at the progress we've made bringing delicious and convincing vegan products to main stream grocery in the past 5 years; but you don't have to rely on these products exclusively on a plant-based diet. Some of my favourite meat replacement ingredients are very affordable and readily available at any grocery store.

This post and cheatsheet are to accompany my Instagram Live on Affordable Meat Alternatives. If you're interested in re-playing the Cooking Live on Instagram follow us here. We go live on Instagram every Monday evening at 7 pm with plant-based recipes, tips and cooking how-to's. Next week Lynda will be showing you how to use phyllo dough to make easy vegan appetizers.

You can download this clickable Cheat Sheet below and check out my Faux Meat Board on Pinterest for recipe inspiration for all of these meat alternatives.

Zengarry Kitchen Faux Meat Checklist
Download DOCX • 15KB


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