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Our Best Savoury Double Creme Recipes

Did you know that our Brie-style Double Creme Cashew Cheese is our bestseller? With so many ways to enjoy, both savoury and sweet - it’s no wonder it’s become such a staple ingredient for so many who crave dairy-free and vegan cheese! Scroll for the top 5 savoury ways to enjoy our Double Creme!

1. Butternut Squash Double Creme Soup

2. Chipotle Lime Quinoa Tacos

3. Creamy Spinach Pasta

4. Pesto Pasta Salad

5. Grilled Peach Garden Salad

For a limited time, our Double Creme is now available in twin packs at select Costco locations. Click here to visit our store map for more details on retailers nearest you.

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