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Tofu Scramble

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Tofu scramble is so easy and versatile! Serve it as is, or in a tortilla as a breakfast burrito or on toast with some fresh salsa to mix it up! This is my go-to recipe, but you can pretty much add anything you happen to have in the fridge as far as vegetables go and if you happen to have black salt (kala namak) be sure to add it in for a more ‘eggy’ taste.


  • 1 Tbsp vegan margarine (I used the new soy free Earth Balance)

  • 1 brick of firm or extra-firm tofu (my favourite is Sol Cuisine's sprouted tofu)

  • 1 onion, minced

  • 6 mushrooms, sliced

  • 2 vegan sausages, sliced or crumbled (I used Gusta's new Forestiere sausage that is exclusive to IGA in Quebec)

  • ¼ cup sun dried tomatoes in oil, chopped

  • ½ tsp. turmeric

  • 1 tsp. ground cumin

  • 1 tsp. dried oregano

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • 2 Tbsp. plant-based milk or broth

  • ¼ cup Fauxmagerie Zengarry Sun Dried Tomato and Basil cashew cheese

  • 2 big handfuls of spinach

  • Black salt (optional)


  1. In a skillet over medium high heat, sauté the onion in vegan margarine until translucent.

  2. Add in the mushrooms and sausage and cook another 5 minutes.

  3. Crumble the tofu into the skillet so that it resembles scrambled eggs.

  4. Add the spices and mix well.

  5. Add the sun dried tomatoes, the milk and the Fauxmagerie Zengarry Sun Dried Tomato and Basil cashew cheese and stir well until heated through.

  6. Add the spinach and toss until it’s wilted.

  7. Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve warm.


Top with fresh basil and cherry tomatoes.

Add in broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus or whatever veggies you like.

Add olives and artichoke hearts.


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