Where can I buy Zengarry cashew cheeses?

Please click here for the store finder.

What do your 'best before' dates mean?

We do not place an best before date or expiry tag on our products. We ship our product in a frozen state and then it is the responsibility of our retailers to attach an expiry sticker when they thaw the cheese and place it on the shelf for sale.


We recommend consuming our product within 30 days of thawing, even if package is unopened.

What if my product does not have a 'best before' date sticker on it?

If you experience an issue with a conflicting 'best before' date or a suspected expired product, please return the product to the store where it was purchased for exchange or return.


Please also email us so that we may resolve any issues regarding product condition and quality. Click here to contact us about your issue.

Can I freeze my Zengarry Cashew Cheese?

Yes!  Our products freeze beautifully for up to 6 months with virtually no change to texture or taste.  Thaw in the fridge for best results.

Are Zengarry Cashew Cheeses gluten-free?

Our products are not certified gluten-free, but we do not use any products containing gluten, except in our Ale Aged cheddar cashew cheese. Our other 6 flavours do not use products containing gluten. 

Please click here to see product ingredients.

Do Zengarry cashew cheeses contain soy?

Our Garlic & Fine Herbs, Double Creme and Sun-dried Tomato & Basil flavours do NOT contain any soy.  The Creamy Swiss, Aged Cumin and Smokey Jalapeño flavours contain some miso which is a fermented soy.  


The miso used in Zengarry Cashew Cheese production is certified GMO-free.  This is the only soy used in our products.

Please click here to see our product ingredients.

Are Zengarry cashew cheeses peanut-free?

We are not a certified peanut-free facility; however, there are no peanuts present in our production facility and our cashew are certified peanut-free.

Please click here to see our product ingredients.

What is Quinoa Rejuvelac?

Quinoa Rejuvelac is a probiotic grown with sprouted organic red quinoa that is used to lacto-ferment Zengarry Cashew Cheeses.  The fermentation process gives our cashew cheeses a fuller, more complex taste and contributes additional health benefits to the products.

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Who should I contact if I have a question, complaint or comment?

If you have any concerns, questions or complaints, please email and one of our staff will get respond to your enquiry promptly.

Please click here to contact us.

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