Today's consumers are increasingly conscious of their everyday choices—adopting plant-based diets, dipping their toes into vegetarianism and veganism, going gluten-free or paying heed to their environmental footprint. Your clients are looking for innovative alternatives.

Fauxmagerie Zengarry has taken the cruelty-free vegan cheese market by storm, catering to ethical consumers using quality ingredients. What first started as one woman trying out her hand at cashew cheese recipes in her own kitchen, Fauxmagerie Zengarry has grown into an award-winning favourite for dairy-free cheese lovers across Canada.

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We also offer a food service line for restaurants and cafes.


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We love working with bloggers and influencers. If you are passionate about cheese and vegan food, we would love to work with you!


We run an Instagram ambassador program for bloggers with over 1,000 followers.


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​It's important to us to give back to the community that has allowed us to do what we love. 

Due to the volume of requests we receive, we select one request each month to fulfill that supports a cause and aligns with our company values.  

Requests must be received by the first day of the preceding month in order to give us sufficient time to coordinate. We will identify which initiatives we can support mid-month.

Note that we will prioritize initiatives that support animal welfare, and creating a healthier environment for human and planetary health.

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