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Our Sustainability Commitment

Inspired by a love of nature, good food and a deep conviction that eating healthy can be both simple AND satisfying, Fauxmagerie Zengarry’s mission is to promote the adoption of a plant-based lifestyle by making gourmet dairy-free products using all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients and fresh herbs grown on site. The company is committed to creating, nurturing and growing a socially and environmentally sustainable food chain that includes a community of like-minded farmers, consumers and retailers who believe we can live longer, healthier and happier if we took better care of ourselves and the planet we call home.

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We consciously seek ethically-sourced and locally-grown produce to prepare our products. This includes Ontario-grown garlic and quinoa, as well as cashews from our trusted farmers in Vietnam. When possible, we support women-owned businesses making a difference in agriculture and food.


We grow our fresh herbs in-house! Our production facility is home to 4 plant walls where we hydroponically cultivate herbs like fresh basil and parsley to use in our award-winning cheeses. We recently introduced a line of dairy free pestos to make use of our flourishing harvest.  Growing our own herbs allows us to always have the freshest herbs at hand, reduce food waste and minimize our carbon footprint.

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In partnership with our suppliers, we source our paper packaging from sustainably managed forests which are printed with 100% vegetable-based dyes. All of our boxes and plastic containers are recyclable. Recently, we reduced the plastic in our packaging by 75% of some our best-selling cheeses by vacuum sealing our products. We continue to investigate ecologically sound ways of preserving and distributing our products while ensuring the highest possible quality.


We are on a mission to improve the sustainability of our operations! This touches every part of our business, from our commitment to using Earth-friendly sanitizers, 100% recycled paper, replacing florescent lighting with LED lighting throughout our facilities, using energy-efficient equipment, motion sensors for lighting, programmable thermostats, and reducing water use. Stop by and see for yourself! Our storefront in Alexandria, Ontario is open to the public.

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