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Kale and Jalapeno Quesadillas

Updated: Feb 23, 2022


Quesadillas are one of those versatile dishes that make a tasty appetizer, quick snack or a quick and easy weeknight dinner. It all starts with tortillas and cheese, but there are endless combinations you can create. We've combined our Smokey Jalapeño cashew cheese with kale and salsa in this tasty recipe.  Add a little salsa or guacamole and you have a meal that's full of flavour!


2 whole wheat tortillas

1/4 c. Zengarry Smokey Jalapeño Cashew Cheese

2 handfuls of kale, stems removed 

2 green onions chopped

3 Tbsp. of your favourite salsa


1. Chop the kale into bite sized pieces and sauté in a splash of water until wilted and softened. 2. Spread Zengarry Smokey Jalapeño Cashew Cheese on one of the tortillas.  

3. Sprinkle with sautéd kale, green onions and salsa.  

4. Top with the second tortilla.  

5. Warm a non-stick skillet.  Add your quesadilla to the skillet without oil or anything.  

6. Toast on one side for 3 minutes or so until it's golden.  

7. Flip it over and toast the other side.   8. Top with guacamole, cherry tomatoes, chopped cilantro or whatever you like. Enjoy!


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