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Our 5 Best Thanksgiving Recipes

Put a vegan twist on your Thanksgiving celebrations this year! Many Canadians are getting ready to soon savour a delicious meal with their closest friends and family. In fact, 70% of families plan to have at least one plant-based dish on the holiday table (Eat Just Inc., 2020). We’ve rounded up 5 Zengarry recipes that we think are an absolute must-try to help inspire a plant-forward indulgence at this year’s table! Check it out:

Prime your palate with this classic appetizer! Roasted garlic and sauteed mushrooms come together with our sharp, Creamy Swiss dairy-free cheese for a mouthful of flavour!

A crowd-pleaser indeed! Chef Melanie Boudens seasons this up with this tasty shareable recipe, including a super-easy vegan ‘bacon’ topping.

A hug in every bite! This gourmet and insta-worthy recipe comes together in just 45 minutes. Feel free to set aside some extra wine for yourself while you cook!

Every Thanksgiving menu needs a side dish that pops. Look no further, this is it! Made with help of our fan-favouriteGarlic and Fine Herbs cashew cheese.

We can’t forget dessert! Moist, spiced cake meets fresh grated carrot and a delicious cheesecake swirl in this recipe, all thanks to our Double Creme brie-style cheese.

One of our favourite parts of this holiday? The leftovers! Reduce household food waste and repurpose your dishes into new recipes like this Vegan Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich.

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