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Plant-Savvy Cookbook Round-Up: Our Top 10 Favourites

New to plant-based living? Consider yourself a vegan cooking expert? Cookbooks are one of our biggest inspirations. This Vegan Month, we’re shining a spotlight on some of our favourite, female, Canadian chefs and their delicious recipes.

Here is a round-up of our top 10 favourite (and drool-worthy!) plant-savvy cookbooks:

2. Hot For Food All Day by Lauren Toyota

3. Fast Easy Cheap Vegan by Sam Turnbull

4. The First Mess Cookbook by Laura Wright

5. Oh She Glows For Dinner by Angela Liddon

6. Dreena's Kind Kitchen by Dreena Burton

7. Fraiche Food, Full Hearts Cookbook by Tori Wesszer and Jillian Harris (not fully vegan, but has lots of plant-based recipes).

8. Super Fresh by Jennifer Houston and Ruth Tal

9. The Vegan Body Builder's Cookbook by Sam Shorkey and Amy Longard

10. The No Meat Athlete Cookbook by Stepfanie Romine and Matt Frazier

Whatever your reason for wanting to learn how to prepare new plant-based recipes, and whatever your skill level, there’s a cookbook that can help!

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