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Viral Chopped Bagel

Have you seen the viral chopped bagel trend on Instagram or TikTok yet? Instead of layering all the toppings on your bagel, you layer them onto a cutting board and chop, chop, chop until it's well combined and you can get all the flavours mixed into every single bite.

Of course I had to put a Zengarry spin on it. I decided on a classic lox and cream cheese version and it did not disappoint. You can see a full video tutorial here.

Obviously you can mix this up and add in all your favourite bagel toppings, but I think this is combo is very close to perfect. I might just add a sqeeze of lemon juice next time.

Ingredients for 1 bagel:

1/2 of a thin slice red onion

1/2 tsp. capers

3 slices of Save da Sea carrot lox (or any carrot lox you can find my recipe here)

1 sprig of fresh dill

1 handful of fresh sprouts

fresh ground pepper to taste


Layer all the ingredients onto a cutting board and then chop throughly until all ingredients are well combined in the perfect 'schmear'. With a knife, gather the chopped ingredients into a circle roughly the size of your bagel. Place the bottom half of your bagel cut side down on top of the pile. With your hand on the bagel bottom, use a spatula to slide under the chopped cheese filling and then flip it all over so the bagel is on the bottom and the filling is on top. Top with the top half of your bagel and enjoy!


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