Award-winning Cashew Cheese


From a small home kitchen to a dedicated production facility in just three years, the explosive growth of Fauxmagerie Zengarry is testament to the huge demand for their gourmet cashew cheeses.

Zengarry’s fauxmages have become some of the most in-demand non-dairy cheeses in Canada, with distribution rapidly expanding since their founding in 2013 from a few local outlets, to Nationwide.


“The word ‘artisanal’ is very overused in the food market’” says Zengarry founder and President Lynda Turner, “but in our case, we can absolutely say our cheeses are 100% handcrafted. Every step of the cheese-making process occurs in our own facility where we oversee every aspect of their creation and ensure that quality and taste are both consistent and optimal in every batch.”

All Fauxmagerie Zengarry cheeses are raw, vegan and free from artificial colors or flavours. All of our flavours except our Ale Aged are gluten-free. From Double Crème brie-style cheese, to aged cumin Leyden-style, Zengarry now boasts seven unique flavours of fauxmage.

Zengarry’s cheeses were voted Most Innovative Product at the 2017 Grocery Innovations Canada Show, Best Artisanal Vegan Cheese at the 2017 Toronto Veg Food Fest and Best New Grocery Item at the 2015 Toronto Veg Food Fest. The company itself was voted Most Promising Start Up in the Globe & Mail’s 2015 Start Up Challenge.




Maya Hutch

My whole family is vegan. Now, after years of searching, we finally have a truly delicious and healthy cashew cheese we all love eating. This stuff is the bomb! This stuff is the real deal!

Melissa Hollinger

I'm so happy to have found Zengarry! Amazing, amazing, amazing. Our 16 month old son is anaphylactic to dairy. We keep a completely dairy-free household. These cheeses are so good!

Cristin St-Denis

I found this shop yesterday, and after trying SO MANY vegan cheeses, and being disappointed either by taste or texture (or both!), I'm so happy to have finally found one I love! Even my skeptic husband loved them both. I can’t wait to try more. Thank you!!





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