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Polly’s Perfect Vegan Cheeseboard

Polly Hawkes is a food stylist, food photographer, and recipe developer based out of Toronto. She is also the owner Polly & Co. Catering. Her work can be visited at and @milkandmargolds on Instagram.

Putting together a cheese board can be a lot of fun! In preparation for this holiday season, Polly is sharing her tips for creating the perfect vegan cheeseboard! Check it out:

  • Begin by selecting 4-5 cheeses with the expectation to serve approximately 1 and 1/2 to 2 oz. of cheese per person.

  • Choose cheeses with a variety of flavours and textures. Fauxmagerie Zengarry offers many delicious varieties that will make your platters and charcuterie boards shine. A personal favourite is the Aged Cumin and the Cranberry & Pistachio Double Creme.

  • To style, keep some cheese wheels whole, while slicing, wedging and cutting other varieties into cubes so it’s easy for guests to enjoy.

  • To compliment the cheeses, add a variety of fresh and dried fruit, dips and/or preserves, nuts, crackers and fresh bread.

  • When plating the cheeses on your board, space varieties apart and fill the spaces in between with the other ingredients you are serving.

  • The WOW factor: Garnish your board with fresh automatic herbs like rosemary and thyme and food-safe flowers like roses, carnations or orchids.

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