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The Ultimate Vegan Reuben Sandwich

There's a reason that the Reuben sandwich has been around for over 100 years and that it even has it's own National Reuben Sandwich Day in November. There are conflicting stories about the origins of the classic Reuben, but the elements in it are undisputed: Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing all served on Rye bread. I also think thinly sliced crisp dill pickles are essential.

I have been searching for the perfect vegan Reuben for years, and I've tried some great ones. One of my favourites was made with marinated tempeh, but it didn't give the same piled high corned beef experience. I think I've come pretty close to perfecting it with this recipe.

Obviously we have used our Creamy Swiss cashew cheese in this one. In case you didn't know, it was voted the Beset Vegan Swiss in the World for 2 years in a row! To replace the corned beef I've used Gusta's sliced seitan. The texture is perfect. You can also use thinly sliced marinated tofu or your own homemade seitan.

There's a little instructional video on how to make this sandwich here.


2 thick slices of light Rye bread

1/2 package of Gusta's sliced seitan sautéd in a bit of oil

2 Tbsp. sauerkraut

2 Tbsp. Thousand Islands dressing (see recipe below)

2 slices of dill pickle


  1. Toast your bread. This is totally optional, but I like it lightly toasted to add some crunch.

  2. Spread a generous layer of Zengarry's Creamy Swiss cashew cheese on one slice of bread.

  3. After quickly warming the sliced seitan in a bit of oil in a frying pan, layer on a generous helping on top of the Swiss cheese.

  4. Top the seitan with 2 slices of dill pickle, and the sauerkraut.

  5. Spread the Thousand Island dressing on the other piece of bread and place it on the top of the sandwich.

This is a messy one, you might need 2 napkins, but you won't soon forget it.

Simple Thousand Islands Dressing


½ c. Veganaise or other vegan mayonnaise

1 Tbsp. ketchup

1 Tbsp. sweet relish

1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. lemon juice (optional)

Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl.


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