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Our Favourite Plant-based Brunch Ideas

  1. Sweet and Savoury Brunch Board. Some like it sweet, some like it savoury; we like to combine both into our brunch boards. Here is special way to host brunch with a selection of sweet/savoury choices for your family, friends or guests to select from and add to their individual plates.

2. Double Creme Peach Waffles. A great way to celebrate peach season is with this creamy deliciousness. We used fresh and local tree ripened peaches with a decadent spread made with our Double Creme cashew cheese on homemade waffles.

3. Plant-based chickpea "omelette" with Hollandaise sauce. No need to get cracking here, this scrumptious recipe is completely egg-less.  I used chickpea flour, mixed with spices and veggies, wrapped around a filling of mushrooms, asparagus and our Smokey Jalapeño Cashew Cheese.  To top it off I whipped up a vegan Hollandaise sauce with our Creamy Swiss cashew cheese. Dill-icious! 🌱

4. Fauxmagerie Zengarry Zucchini Tarte. Where I come from, quiche is a favourite for breakfast, lunch or dinner!  This version features layers of yellow and green zucchini to create an artwork of flavour when mixed with our savoury chickpea filling blended with Zengarry Garlic and Fine Herbs cheese. This healthy guilt-free dish is sure to grab centre stage on any table. 🍾

5. Vegan Strawberry Pancake Skewers with Maple Brie Dip. Everyone loves pancakes, but sometimes it’s impossible to decide how you want to top them! Maple syrup is the obvious choice, but what about fresh fruit, or chocolate sauce? How about all of the above? Our strawberry pancake skewers combine tiny vegan pancakes with slices of banana and strawberry and vegan chocolate sauce. To top it all off, we pair it with a creamy, dairy-free dip made from our Double Crème fauxmage and maple syrup. Feel free to get creative and swap out the fruit, or add a different flavour to the pancakes!


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